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May 01, 2020 / by Diego / 4 comments

La mia tesi spiegata a mia madre

When the sound propagates in a indoor environment, it interacts.

You can see this when your super rich friend does a cannonball in his private pool (of his amazing villa, of course): Please, look away from the greek statues judging your body athleticism. Now focus on the water surface, like your eyes where slow motion cameras: BULLET TIME!


Now, the impact; dont let it goes. Observe. The water elongates its liquid jaws and swallow your friend. Impressionistic splashes spread around. Your friend now is just a distorted and glitched shape in a dense jelly.

Like in a 19th century ballet, bothered by main character, your friend, the wave crests curve away in all directions and flee to the poolside. Their trot is bounced back elastically at the scene extremes. Thus, they all meet again in the middle, they bump and proceed towards the other extreme. You feel you missed couple of instants and all the scene is chaotic. So does the pool: waves are moving, your friend is re-emerging and he is slashing the water surface ... chaotic.

Wait just another few instants and everything seems fading aways as your friend calms down and reach the poolside. Without his exuberance, the water calms down returning to its original placid steady state.

This motion picture served to showed you how sound (water waves) propagates in a closed environment (pool). We can identify some elements:

  • the source: the impact of your friend

  • environment:

  • asd

like a ball on a Billiard table.

I am currently working on estimating early acoustic echoes for audio inverse problem.

As in Ken the Surivor and in Sampei: to be continued.